Statistics Finland, Statistical R&D Unit (STATFIN, Finland)

Organisation overview. Statistics Finland is the national statistical agency and the main centre for statistical information in Finland, producing about 80 percent of all official statistics. Statistics Finland's mission is to help citizens form a reliable picture of society, to facilitate informed decision-making in the public and private sector, to provide basic information and tools for social research, and to supervise and co-ordinate the statistical work of other authorities. Statistics Finland has a permanent staff of 788, of whom 56,5% have an academic degree. Of the permanent staff some 4.2% had a PhD in 2005. In addition, there are some 200 part-time interviewers collecting data across the country. The total number of staff is 1,097. Statistics Finland is subject to the administration of the Ministry of Finance, but it has full and independent responsibility for its statistics. Operations are financed directly from the State Budget, from the users of statistics and from the sale of services. Statistics Finland has two main concerns: 1. to improve the international comparability of the statistics; and 2. to further improve the quality of the statistics. Statistics Finland is committed to further improving the quality of its products and services through technical improvements and by raising the standards of customer service. Statistics Finland also wants to reduce the response burden on the community. Therefore Statistics Finland will increasingly be relying on registered data in compiling new statistics; at the same time work will continue to improve agency’s own methods of data collection.

The aim of Statistical Research and Development unit of Statistics Finland is to provide research and development related to the methods needed for production of statistics, to offer methodological training, to give methodological and statistical support to production of statistics and empirical research, and to bolster Statistics Finland's research services. The unit serves the entire statistical agency by providing relevant research and development services. The Statistical Research and Development unit is a part of ITC-unit. In methodological research, focal areas include sampling methods, methods for adjustments due to errors and biases in sampled data, variance estimation, analysis of complex survey data, methods for linking data derived from various data sources (surveys, registers, other administrative records) and time periods and empirical econometric analysis.

Statistics Finland promotes methodological, social, economic and environmental research. Statistics Finland has been active in the field of developing environmental statistics and methods. New data collection methods have been utilized while introducing number of new environment statistics, for example environmental expenditures in industry and public sector, eco-industries, air emissions (a calculation model has been developed), wood material accounting and the quality of forests, material flow accounting and eco-efficiency methods.

Key personnel. Jukka Hoffrén currently works as Senior Researcher at R&D unit of Statistics Finland (National Statistical Agency of Finland). He has a PhD. in administrative sciences with environmental policy as main subject. Areas of expertise: Environmental indicators and accounting, environmental economics, environmental reporting and analysis, eco-efficiency studies, environmental forecasting, material flow accounting, analysis and modelling. A number of publications, articles and university text-books. Head of Statistics Finland team in Tekes funded ETU -project (Eco-efficiency now and in the future) in 2003-2006. Head of Statistics Finland team in EU/FP5 project Environment Consolidated Statistical Tools (ECOSTAT) in 2001-2003. Expert member of various governmental working groups (since 1994). Editor of government budget related Natural Resources and the Environment –reports since 1995. Research fellow in Material Flow research project of University of Tampere funded by Academy of Finland in 1998-1999. Researcher at Tampere University of Technology (1991-93) in several economy-environment-energy related research projects funded by the Academy of Finland.

Tiina Häyhäworks as a research assistant in Statistics Finland in Statistical R&D Unit and contributes to DECOIN-project in Statistics Finland Team. Her main task is to compile relevant statistical data for DECOIN tools testing. Her personal research interests include environmental economics issues, especially sustainable development measurement and global scale environmental issues as well as relevant forecasting techniques. As a part of her work, she is also preparing her master's thesis for University of Jyväskylä the School of Business and Economics. Her work concentrates on identifying possibilities to reduce Finland's fossil fuels consumption and relevant GHG emissions as well as to estimate their economic costs to society.