Turku School of Economics, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC, Finland)

Organization overview. Jointly founded by three universities in 1992, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) is an auxiliary unit of the Turku School of Economics. FFRC is an internationally recognised centre for futures research, education and development, which has operations on local, national and international level. The Centre produces and promotes visionary information on the future trends of society and the environment. With its multidisciplinary resources it is able to meet the needs of its customers, which range from academic institutions to public organisations and the business world. Extended networks of co-operation guarantee the Centre access to the latest ideas, visions and methods to deal with and evaluate perceptions of the future. The Centre’s basic activities are focused on the promotion of a sustainable future. A sustainable future is understood as being economically efficient, socially secure, fair, and culturally representative of our world society. The Centre organises annual international seminars and conferences. They gather futures studies experts and other futures-oriented parties under one roof and constitute another integral part of the Centre's activities.

"Futures studies" is a multidisciplinary field of research that seeks to describe and explain wide-ranging social phenomena and their associated processes of change and development in different areas of human activity. Futures studies methods thus provide solutions for the challenging processes of strategic planning and decision-making.

Key personnel. Jyrki Luukkanen has achieved Doctor of Technology degree in systems theory in Tampere University of Technology (1994). He is adjunct professor in futures studies specializing in energy, environmental and development studies. The research interests of Dr. Luukkanen include energy and climate policy, sustainable development indicators, modelling, material flow analysis and development studies. He has participated in many EU research projects and directed more than 40 international and domestic research projects and has consulted international organisations. Dr. Luukkanen is member of the Research Council of Biosciences and Environment in the Academy of Finland and is a member of numerous international scientific organisations. He will be the co-ordinator of the DECOIN project.

Jarmo Vehmas is currently working at Finland Futures Research Centre as a Senior Researcher. He holds a PhD in administrative science. He also has a BSc-equivalent degree in power engineering. He has worked as Assistant Professor in University of Jyväskylä, Dept of Social Policy and several years as a Researcher in University of Tampere, Department of Regional Studies and Environmental Policy. His research interests and expertise focus on environmental policy issues, such as energy policy, climate policy, economic and other policy instruments, as well as methodology, indicators and empirical measuring of different dimensions of sustainability and sustainable development. He has participated in several research projects and international conferences as well as published internationally dealing with these issues.

Francesca Allievi is currently working at Finland Futures Research Centre as a project manager in a FP7-project called Synergies and Inter-Linkages of Eco-social systems (SMILE). She holds an M.Sc degree in engineering.