The DECOIN toolkit

The DECOIN toolkit (zip)

Reports and policy briefs

D1.1 DECOIN project presentation

D2.1 Report on the assessment of different analytical frameworks

D2.2 Report of the recommendations for the use of analytical frameworks in monitoring and policy making

D3.1 Report of decomposition analysis for indicators

D3.2 Report of forecast analysis and inter-linkages of trends

D3.3 Report of the synergies and trade-offs of selected trends

D4.1 Report of the interlinkages and forecasting prototype tool for sustainability analysis

D4.2 Report of connecting different tools for indicator presentation

D4.3 Report of the Interlinkages and forecasting prototype tool

D4.4 Tool manual

D5.3 Case study of the method and tool adoption

D5.5 Policy briefs

  • POLICY BRIEF: DECOIN analytical framework
  • POLICY BRIEF: Biofuels
  • POLICY BRIEF: Immigration
  • POLICY BRIEF: Indicators
  • POLICY BRIEF: Toolkit
  • POLICY BRIEF: Traditional indicators


  • Luxembourg conference presentations (zip)