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DaGoB publication series

1:2006 Summary of Evaluation of EU Policy on the Transport of Dangerous Goods since 1994 (pdf  0,6 mb)
Editor: Mikko Suominen

2:2006 Transport of Dangerous Goods in Finland in 2002 (pdf  7,0 mb)
Editor: Mikko Suominen

3:2006 Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Law (pdf 455 kb)
Author: Lauri Railas

4:2006 Maritime Transport and Risks of Packaged Dangerous Goods (pdf 2,4 mb)
Author: Arben Mullai

5:2006 Risk Management System – Risk Assessment Frameworks and Techniques (pdf 1,4 mb)
Author: Arben Mullai

1:2007 Supply Chain Analysis of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region Multiple Case Study of 14 Supply Chains
Authors: Mikko Suominen, Markku Häikiö, Paula Lehtinen, Lasse Metso, Tuire Pernaa, Lauri Ojala

2:2007 Estonian experience in implementing mandatory dangerous goods notification from ships
Authors: Jaak Arro, Lauri Ojala

3:2007 Dangerous Goods Transport in the Baltic Sea Region:Authorities, Agencies and Regulations
Author: Bo Zetterström

4:2007 Transport of Dangerous Goods in Sweden – September 2006
Editor: Mikko Suominen

5:2007 Transport of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region
Editor: Mikko Suominen

6:2007 DaGoB Summary Report NEW 14.12.2007
Authors: Lauri Ojala, Sirpa Nummila, Mikko Suominen, Tomi Solakivi, Johannes Raitio

7:2007 Dangerous Goods Related Incidents and Accidents in the Baltic Sea Region NEW 14.12.2007
Editors: Mikko Suominen, Matias Suhonen


DaGoB Reports
Author: Jan Prahm, Jens Benecke NEW 10.12.2007

DaGoB Background Reports
  IT Systems and Control of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region Ports
Author: Johannes Raitio NEW 10.12.2007

DaGoB Newsletters
  DaGoB newsletter No. 1 - issued june 2006 (pdf 2,9 mb)
DaGoB newsletter No. 2 - issued october 2006 (pdf 0,6 mb)
DaGoB newsletter No. 3 - issued december 2006 (pdf 0,8 mb)
DaGoB Newsletter No. 4 - issued april 2007 (pdf 0,6 mb)
Other publications and articles about the project
  Article about DaGoB in GEFÄHRLICHE LADUNG 7/2006 - by Jan Prahm (pdf 173 kb)
Article about DaGoB in MeriVäylä 2/2006 - page 11 (pdf)
Article about DaGoB in Aboard 1/2006 - by Lauri Ojala (FIN - ENG) (pdf 55 kb)
Article about DaGoB in Gefahrfut 12/2006 (pdf 173 kb)
Rajamme Vartiat 5-6/2006 (pdf 144 kb)
Publicity material
  A short presentation about the project (PPT / PDF)

Introduction of the DaGoB Project (ppt)
WP1 main results (ppt)
WP2 main results (ppt)
WP3 main results (ppt)
WP4 main results (ppt)

Other publications and reports

VTT publication: Transportation of liquid bulk chemicals by tankers in the Baltic Sea (PDF 2,1MB)
World Transport Policy & Practice, Volume 11, Number 2, 2005 (PDF 11,8 MB)
Transport Press Review Sept. 2006 (pdf 1,8 mb)

Other material

SSE07 Conference Paper: Multiple Case Study of Transport Chains of Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea Region
Presented by Prof. Lauri Ojala SSE07, Athens, September 20 - 21, 2007 (Presentation)

DaGoB Presentation by Jan Prahm in 23. Storck Symposium 26.2.2007 (pdf  2,0 MB)
Presentation of the 1996 Exercise by Lauri Ojala (PDF 1,9MB) (presented in Aura-exercise 4.10.2006)



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